• Some thoughts on culture: into the Samoan perspective

    The Family Centre’s study of Samoan attitude to health stated: “Samoan people believe that the person is ‘itu lua’, that is the person has physical, mental and spiritual aspects.  We view ourselves as whole beings. In other words the spirit, the body, the will…  It was emphasized that the Samoan self is seen as a total being comprising spiritual, mental…

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  • Working with Migrants in Italy

    Umberta Telfener Clinical psychologist, teaches at the Post-Graduate School of Health Psychology of Roma La Sapienza University, teacher of the Milan Centre of Family Therapy This article addresses the question… Read More

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Systemics Voices and paths within complexity

Umberta Telfener, Luca Casadio


Ludwig Wittgenstein observed in his Philosophical Investigations (1953, no. 18) that language “can be seen as an ancient city: a maze of little streets and squares, of old and new houses, and of houses with additions from various periods; and this surrounded by a multitude of new boroughs with straight, regular streets and uniform houses.” In our view, this analogy also captures the evolution of the various forms of knowledge (collective, individual, family, cultural, aesthetic, religious, etc.) and scientific knowledge in particular, with its “constructions”, interaction with other styles, and landscape. Read More